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Words Have Power

Words. Words spoken in haste or anger can produce lasting, detrimental effects. The wounds from some words can last a lifetime. Words spoken in love can produce lasting, positive effects. Sometimes those same words are passed down from generation to generation, passing the love and encouragement on. These are the natural consequences to words people … Continue reading Words Have Power

Child’s Play

Did you ever play basketball?  I did, about a million years ago in junior high and high school (which tells you how old I am, because whoever came up with ‘middle school’?)  Today I got to play again.   I was blessed with the presence of my seven year old grandson who absolutely loves sports and … Continue reading Child’s Play

Monday, Monday

It’s been a busy day…a busy week, in fact, and somehow it has rolled around to Monday again when I wasn’t paying attention!  I’ve taken down window screens and washed them; completed two loads of laundry; designed, crafted and hung new window treatments in the breakfast area; bagged up two lawn-size trash bags of items … Continue reading Monday, Monday

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