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Happy Go Lucky

Happy – go – lucky: that’s a phrase I never hear in these modern times. A sign of the times, I suppose. Everyone appears to be so busy, so stressed, and so focused on planning for their futures and working toward their goals, I suppose there really isn’t time to be happy-go-lucky. According to Merriam-Webster, to be happy go lucky is to have a relaxed and casual manner, exhibiting a carefree freedom from worries about troubles.

I visited a close friend yesterday whom I haven’t seen in a while and when she questioned about how I was doing I could only reply “Wonderful! I feel almost guilty for feeling so good – so happy, so healthy, so content with letting the Lord hold the reins of my life.” In thinking about it now, I truly have become happy go lucky!

How do we attain such a state of carefree unconcern about the troubles of this life? What is the source of such peace and contentment?

I can assure you it is not an absence of trouble, for I have troubles just like everyone else. No, it isn’t an absence of troubles but an absence of WORRY about those troubles. It has taken quite some time and great deal of self-discipline, but I have finally figured out if I simply let go and let God, then I can dwell in peace while I do as He says and then wait for Him to move.

Learning that the outcome of every circumstance is in His hands has given me an amazing perspective on life. It does no good to rant and rail against the circumstance – nothing is accomplished except exasperation and increased stress levels. What works is prayer and listening to God; obeying what He tells us to do; and letting go of our worry beads.

God never moves in the time frame we want, but He is always on time. If we can simply learn to be patient and wait for what He will do rather than taking matters into our frail and incompetent hands, we can experience the best outcome in every situation.

God’s ways are not our ways – they are better! He is far smarter, wiser, kinder, and gentler than we could ever be. His solution for our situations is quite often something we simply never thought of. Our finite minds have very limited views and our selfishness often colors our options. But if we can just let go and let God . . . . Voila! Happy go lucky!

John 14:27   Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight

As We Think, So Are We

Every moment of every day, from the moment we wake until we fall asleep at night, we make decisions. Some of those decisions we aren’t even aware of. We decide what to eat, what to wear, what to do, who to talk with, where to go, and even how to feel. Sometimes these are deliberate decisions, and sometimes they are a result of our inner ‘self-talk’.

People often tell us ‘we are what we eat’ or ‘what we think determines how we act’. Well, I made an interesting discovery today. How I feel is a direct product of what I think about. I discovered what is meant in Scripture by the phrase ‘taking every thought captive’.

Early this morning as I was out taking my morning walk, enjoying the delights of a beautiful cool summer morning, I realized that my mind had wandered, thinking thoughts that were absolutely false! There was no truth in the thoughts and their very fabric was designed to make me dissatisfied, discontent, disgruntled, and thoroughly unhappy! And it was working!

Idle thoughts run through our minds all day long. Some we discard. Some we entertain, and even let them control our actions. But entertaining idle thoughts is unhealthy, emotionally. Those random thoughts can control us, if we let them. With a conscious effort to allow only healthy or ‘good’ thoughts to remain in our conscious, we can discipline our minds to dwell on what is good, pure, and holy. And with that comes a peace that passes all understanding.

Well, that’s what I did. I took control of those thoughts, casting them out of my mind and deliberating focused on something edifying and uplifting. I decided what I would think about.  What followed was true peace, true contentment, true happiness. In the midst of horrendous trials and what could be overwhelming circumstances, I am standing in perfect peace. I know that I cannot change people by thinking about them. I cannot change circumstances by thinking about them. I CAN change ME by what I think.

Today is a good day.

So. I ask you. What are you thinking about?