Genealogy of Jesus

The genealogy of Jesus is listed in Matthew 1. What I love about this genealogy is that God chose to include it! Many times we read through this list, scarcely absorbing what is before us, rushing on to the ‘meat’ of the chapter, when the ‘meat’ of the chapter is right before us in these first few verses.

Midrash is biblical exegesis by ancient Judaic authorities, using a mode of interpretation prominent in the Talmud. The word itself means “textual interpretation”, or “study”, derived from the root verb darash, which means “resort to, seek, seek with care, enquire, require”, forms of which appear frequently in the Hebrew Bible.Wikipedia

Often times we miss the meaning hidden right before our eyes. The names in the Bible have meaning. For example, the name Jesus means ‘Yahweh saves’. Applying the meaning of the names to the genealogy listed results in the following paragraph:

Father is exalted. Laughter follows praise. Burst forth in song and be lifted up. Noble people, enter into peace which will strengthen you. God’s gift, beloved, is peace. He enlarges people. My Father Yahweh is healer. He has judged and you will be exalted by Yahweh. Your power is Yahweh. Yahweh is perfect. He has held. Yahweh strengthens you causing you to forget the hidden one. Yahweh supports. Yahweh will establish. I have asked of God the one sown in Babylon. He is my father. God rises a helper, righteous, justified. He will establish His grandeur. My God has helped. He is a gift. It follows He will add salvation.

Here is the lineage of Jesus, as found in Matthew, along with meanings of the names. Enjoy!

  • Abraham — Father is exalted; Father of a multitude
  • Isaac — Laughter
  • Jacob — Follower
  • Judas (Judah) — Praise
  • Phares (Perez) — Burst forth
  • Esrom — Dart of Joy; division of a song
  • Aram — High; elevated
  • Aminadab — My kinsmen are noble; my people are generous
  • Naasson (Nahshon) — Helper; entry way
  • Salmon — Shade; peace
  • Booz (Boaz) — Strength is within him
  • Obed (Obadiah) — Servant of God; worshipper; follower
  • Jesse — God exists; God’s gift; King
  • David — Beloved
  • Solomon — Peace
  • Roboam — He enlarges people
  • Abia — My Father is Yahweh
  • Asa — Healer
  • Josaphat — Yahweh has judged
  • Joram — Exalted by Yahweh
  • Ozias — My power is Yahweh
  • Joatham — Yahweh is perfect
  • Achaz — Has held
  • Ezekias — Yahweh strengthens
  • Manasses — Causing to forget
  • Amon — The hidden one
  • Josias — Yahweh supports
  • Jechonias — Yahweh will establish
  • Salathiel — I have asked of God
  • Zorobabel (Zerubbabel) — The one sown in Babylon
  • Abiud — He is my father
  • Eliakim — God rises
  • Azor — A helper
  • Sadoc (Zodok) — Righteous, justified
  • Achim — He will establish
  • Eliud — God is grandeur
  • Eleazor — My God has helped
  • Matthan — Gift
  • Jacob — Follower
  • Joseph — He will add
  • And Joseph was the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.
  • Jesus (Immanuel) — God with us; Yahweh is salvation