Feed My Sheep

Looking out across nothingness, I became aware of something in the distance which was moving slowly toward me.  At first it seemed to be a mass of gray without form, but as it came nearer I began to make out a shape, and then lots of shapes within the mass.  It stopped moving some six feet in front of me, and my breath caught in my throat as I strangled on a gasp.

There before me were faces – hundreds upon hundreds of faces.  They had no color other than gray.  Each face was drawn and solemn, with hollow cheeks and jutting cheekbones, noses and chins.  I thought briefly of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” — that’s what the faces brought to mind.  Some were thinner than others and some had mouths hanging open while others were closed and mournful.

I once visited Auschwitz and the memory of the pictures of the starving Jews came to mind.  That’s what these people were — they were starving!!

The mass of faces began to move back away from me, like a moving picture camera fading back.  Suddenly, to the left of the mass another shape came into focus.  This one was in full color.  The face was a face of total contentment and peace.  The hands were folded nonchalantly in the lap.  Then the face turned toward me and I saw that it was a woman – a very fat woman.  She sat there so content, so peaceful in her abundance while those around her were starving to death!

It was then I heard these words in my spirit:  “Feed My Sheep”