In His Arms

Darkness.  So very dark, it is total blackness – the complete absence of light.  It is almost impossible to describe.  We shut our eyes at night and think it is dark, but it is not because we ‘see’ images on our eyelids or sometimes experience impressions in a way that it seems dark, but it is not.  THIS is dark.  I am in this place and my eyes are open and can see nothing but blackness.  I have come to this place without effort.  It was not in my mind or my heart to journey here – it just happened as I closed my eyes and bowed my head in silent worship.

Now there is light before me.  It is just a pinpoint of light, but it is out in front of me and slightly below my position (wherever that is!)  As I watch it comes closer and grows so that I can see it is a person, seated in a chair of some kind.  No, wait.  There are two people seated in the chair – the one is holding the other.

The light is so beautiful and bright and yet it does not blind me.  Where is it coming from?  I look closer to see if there is some sort of light fixture on the chair and it is then I realize that the light is coming from the one seated in the chair.  The entire being is lit with light.

I continue to watch in fascination and am suddenly quite aware that the one in the chair who is seated on the lap of the being of light is me!  And just as suddenly I realize that the Lord of Glory has taken me into His arms of comfort.  As I sit in His lap, my body completely relaxed against His and my head resting on His shoulder and tucked under His chin, I am aware of His arms holding me close.  His right hand is stroking my head and I am at perfect peace.  I feel more loved than I ever have at any time in my life and I am acutely aware of an overwhelming sense of security.

Instantly the vision vanishes, and I am left seated in my home, head bowed and eyes closed.  Though He spoke no word to me nor offered any explanation, I know that I have been given an amazing gift to carry me through the days and weeks and years ahead.  The Lord of Glory holds me in His arms.  His love is amazing and His protection is assured.

It’s quite true, you know.  Perfect love does, indeed, cast out all fear.  In the blink of an eye – the time it took for me to experience the vision – I have been made fearless!  In His arms, I have found the courage to stand against all obstacles and become the woman He created me to be.