The Choir

What a beautiful choir!  So solemn, so majestic, and so large!  There seem to be thousands of members, each clothed in a beautiful white choir robe.  They are so stately as they stand there, arms at their sides, and all eyes focused on one position which I assume will be where the choir director will stand when he shows up.

This is an interesting arrangement for a choir.  Each one seems to be standing in a stadium seat in this place that looks like a stadium.  I do not see a game field or platform, though.  Just a flat, insignificant floor.  What a sight this is!  I can’t wait for them to start singing.  With this many members and all of them seeming so disciplined, surely the sound will be magnificent.

There is some movement below, toward the center of the floor where all eyes have been directed, and the choir comes to life as if by magic.  Suddenly they are throwing something toward the center of the room where a light has begun to shine.  From my position at the top of the stadium it looks like confetti – millions upon millions of pieces of confetti.  It is all the same brilliant gold color and it is all floating to the floor surrounding the choir director.  Well, not floating exactly.  It seems to have more weight than confetti, and each piece seems to be the same shape as the others.  It is hard to focus on one piece with so many flying through the air.  That’s it!  It is flying through the air and landing, not floating and alighting just anywhere.  There is definitely a destination with each piece and each piece lands in proximity to the choir director.

I am finally able to focus on one specific piece as it is thrown from someplace near me.  It is shaped like a crown!  It is then that the truth breaks forth in my mind with an OOMPH!  These are not choir members, they are saints, and they are casting their crowns down at the feet of the King of Glory!  So many crowns that it looks like confetti!  What an event this will be!