The Heart of God

I have found an amazing place – the heart of God! Take a tour with me, won’t you? Follow closely and keep your eyes and ears open. You are about to experience a wonderful adventure.

As we step into this first chamber you will notice on your left a darkened corner. It isn’t totally dark as there is a soft glow, almost like candlelight, lighting the area. In the corner you can just make out the tiny swaddled bundles. There is no sound – no crying or laughing or cooing – other than the quiet soft hushed breathing of little babies. To the right you will see how much brighter this area is and the light is somehow tangible. You can almost reach out and touch the glow as you listen to the laughter that sounds like tinkling bells. There seems to be rain falling and yet it is salty to the touch and the drops seem to sparkle and glisten in the light. When the drops touch your skin they melt away and vanish. Look closely through the light and you can see the corner is filled with pregnant women, all of whom are laughing and crying with joy and anticipation. Straight ahead is the entry into the second chamber. The entry is extremely dark so please watch your step and try to hold on to one another. Here we go……

This chamber is dark so stay next to me, please. I know you can’t see much so focus your attention on your hearing. Soft crying is ebbing and swelling near us. The cries are muffled as if hands or hankies were held over the mouths. Off in the distant corner people are chanting and ranting, demanding their rights and privileges be sustained. In the corner nearest to us is the clink of metal and sounds of cleaning – vacuums and spray bottles and some sort of scrubbing sound. And off to the right, seemingly far below where we stand, is the sound of millions of crying babies. This is the place where God keeps all of the pain and sorrow He holds associated with sin. Stay close and don’t touch anything – we’re going down this passage to the third chamber.

How do you like this place? Isn’t it beautiful? Have you ever seen such vibrant colors? I could stay in this place forever. Listen to that waterfall! Look – right over there – do you see it? Those plants seem to be continually morphing, changing colors and shapes and sizes in an ever-changing display of beauty. Watch out! You have to keep your eyes open and your senses about you in this place. You could have been hit by that flying whatchamacallit. No, I don’t know what it was. I’ve never seen anything like it before but didn’t it look interesting? Way over there on the other side of the waterfall are the living creatures. Really amazing but don’t get too close. Off to the left you can see the oceans and seas all together in one spot and the life that is teeming within them. I bet you’ve never seen the ocean like this before! Now stay together and don’t touch anything! All of those things you see floating around above us are the creative genius yet to be released. This is truly the creation chamber – simply amazing!

Follow me now as we enter into the last chamber. You’re going to want to stay close to me or you’ll have an awful dry-cleaning bill! Watch your step – the floor is wet and sticky and slippery. Well, here we are. The chamber has a metallic smell and has blue walls which are dripping with a sticky red substance. The red substance seems to have a light of its own which makes it easy to see that this chamber is empty except for the liquid. This is the love chamber and the liquid is blood. Nothing else is held in this chamber except for the blood. Watch now – some of the blood is flowing out and covering an individual outside the room. Have you ever seen anything like that? Look at that person – they are completely overjoyed. How happy the blood has made them! I guess when you let it cover you then you experience the love. Awesome.

Follow me now as we leave the chamber. You have seen life, death, creation, and love in the heart of God. This concludes our tour.

1 Cor. 2:9   “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”


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