One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen was a young man escorting his bride to their waiting limousine. He held her hand gently, his arm around her back and lovingly cradling her other elbow in his other hand. His eyes seemed to take in everything that was happening around them while at the same time watching the ground before her so she wouldn’t stumble and still managing to let his gaze caress her face at frequent intervals. When they reached the limousine he carefully guided her to her seat, making sure she was protected and her clothing unscathed and, when he joined her on the seat, his position was one of protector and defender still maintaining an atmosphere of absolute devotion.

Such a sight is enough to make the heart of one who has never experienced such love begin to ache while tears come unbidden to the corners of the eyes. For those who have experienced such love in their lifetimes it is a sight that brings a reminiscent smile and joyful misting to the eyes. And for those who are in the midst of such love it brings joyful smiles and quick hugs as the emotions are shared.

For me, it was a reminder of just how much Christ loves me (us). He has taken up the position of protector and defender in my life while at the same time lavishing me with a love and devotion that is unparalleled by anything in my experience. Christ has, for me, already become my bridegroom. His leading is gentle and loving, His care is passionate and His love is …. well, beyond description. My vocabulary is inadequate to describe the depth and breadth of Christ’s love.

In my many travels I have always experienced the incredible peace that accompanies the Bride under the care of the Bridegroom. Whenever I am abroad His Spirit is with me, making sure I am cared for and protected. Accommodations are always more than adequate as is the bounty set before me. In truth, the only time I have felt like I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition was when I was in London – go figure! Yet in all of the physical aspects He is more than enough and, I have found, on the spiritual level His presence seems to magnify when I am not at home in my own little abode.

It is this care, this amazing love, that makes me feel so inadequate and unworthy. As hard as I try to follow His example of love, I invariably fall short. Even more amazing is that when I fall short He meets me right where I am and picks me back up, dusting off my knees and setting me back on my feet to continue going forward. And He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me how much He loves me……ME!

Each day we are called to take His love to the lost, hurting, dying world. Each day. Some days I succeed, some days I fail. But each day He provides opportunities for us to be a witness, an ambassador, of His love. My prayer today is that you experience a new revelation of the depth of Christ’s love for you and that you, in turn, share some of that overflow with another.

John 3:16  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…..”


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