The Lord’s Battleaxe

Peace. Solitude. Silence. Contentment. Serenity.

I am sitting in my ‘prayer closet’ this morning just basking in the wonder of His presence. I find Him here whenever I sit in this chair, whatever time of day, no matter what else is going on. This morning I am just soaking in His presence, breathing in the very essence of who He is. No prayers going up, no great needs to bombard the heavens – just the joy and contentment of being His and having time for just we two. Oh how I love these moments. There really is nothing like belonging to the King of Kings and having Him for your very own.

As I sit here I am aware that just outside of my sphere of Holy Ground there is a battle raging. I sense, rather than see, great raging beings swinging flails and shooting arrows in my direction. The weapons seem to strike an invisible shield and again I sense, rather than see, the sparks fly and the rage increase.

How fanciful! Oh, little child, no fancy here! The battle does indeed rage around you and you are protected from all harm because you have chosen the path of obedience. Your obedience has wrought great victory in the Kingdom and the enemy of your soul rages and beats his chest but cannot harm you. Like a roaring, toothless, aged lion he creeps around you trying to change your direction. He cannot.

Such peace. I am hidden in the cleft of the rock this morning, beneath the shadow of His wing, and I am safe. I do not concern myself with what is happening in the spiritual arena because I know the Victor and I am one with Him. With just a word I send the enemy scattering. With my worship the enemy flees and I sense that he is waiting on a rooftop not far away – waiting for an opportunity to strike when my guard is down.

I do not fear. Were he walking in my house I would not fear. He has no power or authority over my life. I am the Lord’s battle-axe. I have been given all power and authority over the enemy and with the help of the Holy Spirit I have been practicing exercising that power and authority. I am seeing miracles in response to my words. People whom I thought were in authority over me are submitting to my words, spoken softly in truth and love. The Victor lives in me and with His power and authority I am taking a stand against evil wherever I see it and whenever I encounter it – and I am victorious!

What an interesting walk I am having with Jesus! Just this past weekend I met a pastor from Wales and when I told him my name he looked momentarily confused and shaking his head slowly, he said “No, it’s Victoria, isn’t it? Maybe I just think that because you are victorious.”   How prophetic is that?

Dear, sweet children of God: the battle does indeed rage around you but you are the victor because you belong to the Victor. The battle belongs to the Lord – let Him fight for you and through you. Relax in His great love, rest in His mighty arms, and wait for His command. When you are obedient to His command you cannot fail – your victory is assured! My prayer for you today is victory – and the peace and joy that come with it!

2 Chronicles 20:15  …..Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.


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