What is my purpose in life?

I don’t know about you, but I have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out my ‘purpose’. Like so many others, I struggled through numerous classes designed to help identify my ‘gift’, my ‘purpose’, my ‘calling’. I came away more frustrated than ever before and not just a little bit disillusioned by the entire Christian brow-beating about finding our ‘purpose’.

Well, guess what. I have news for you. I have had highs and lows in my life – from an extremely successful career to divorce. Through it all, I never identified my ‘purpose’. What I learned through all of it is that the writer of Ecclesiastes had it right – it is all vanity.

A couple of months back I quit looking for my purpose. It was draining and emotionally exhausting so I decided to leave it alone. After all, I’m getting up there in age and if I haven’t found my purpose by now I’m probably never going to. And wouldn’t you know it. I stopped looking and the Holy Spirit showed up to reveal the true depth of the Holy Scripture and the meaning behind our ‘purpose’.

By His Holy Spirit, God is calling all men unto Himself. Not all will accept the invitation, however, and fewer still will choose to make Him Lord of their life and walk in obedience to His direction. This, then , is our primary purpose: To accept Christ as Savior and make Him Lord of our lives, dwelling in obedience with Him.

What comes next? For some, the primary purpose will be something they struggle with their entire mortal lives, and they won’t be able to take on anything else.   Matthew 11:14 …many are called….

For others, the primary purpose becomes what they live for and these blessed individuals find a deeper meaning in life as they become the chosen ones. Matthew 11:14 ….few are chosen. These darlings of the family have what they have recognized as a true calling from God – He has picked them up and placed a fire in their hearts for one thing and one thing only, and they pursue for the rest of their lives with a passion that is inspiring and enviable. These are the evangelists, the missionaries, the life-long ministers focused on saving souls and up building the Kingdom. You’ll find them in pulpits, in ministries, on the mission field, and anywhere there are souls being saved.

Then there are those who dwell in between. They are sold out for Jesus and will do whatever He wants, whenever He wants it. Their passion is Christ and they don’t seem to have a purpose other than to walk where He tells them to walk, when He tells them to walk; to speak what He tells them to speak when He tells them to speak; to do whatever He tells them to do, when He tells them to do it. These are also chosen ones and their ‘purpose’ is to serve the living Christ as He calls them to serve, whenever He calls them. You won’t find these in pulpits or heading ministries. They are focused on being available to the Living God on a daily basis and won’t be tied down to ministry responsibilities. They are also often invisible to their pastors and other church family members, because what they do is done solely for the Lord and they don’t talk about it or look for any kind of acknowledgement.

So, dear ones, what is your purpose? I can help you with that. YOU are your purpose. I don’t mean in a selfish-it’s-all-about-me way. I mean, God created you unique and He did so intentionally. You are not an accident and your life touches and molds other lives around you. YOUR purpose is to be the best you that you can be by studying the Word of God and building an intimate relationship with Him. Think of your walk with God as an education. You start in kindergarten and then on to elementary things, finally moving on to pre-teen years and deeper foundations, then high school. If you keep going, you will find yourself in graduate school and post-graduate studies. Your walk with the Lord is never finished and He never stops revealing Himself as long as you continue to seek His face.

Do your best to be all you can be in Christ and leave the rest to Him. When He is ready, He will place a call on your heart or lead you into position to be used by Him for His glory and the glory of the Kingdom. There is no greater joy than that, and no greater satisfaction on this earth. And always remember, if He has asked you to do something, then He will equip you and enable you to do it. After all, it is His work, not yours and He never fails.


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