Oh, what love!

HE has engraved each one of us upon the palms of HIS hands ……


So many years I read over this verse with some arrogance.  A know-it-all, you know.  After all, everyone knows that it means the scars in HIS hands.  The scars from the nails when HE was nailed to the cross.  I always just assumed that when HE noticed the scars then HE would look at me differently – with a bit more compassion and tolerance, understanding that HE had suffered greatly for me and therefore would put up with a bit more.  In fact, I’ve thought that for years – many, many years.

This morning all of that changed.  My understanding changed from a me-focus to a HIM focus.

HE has engraved me on the palms of HIS hands…….

The engraving on HIS palm is not one of the broken, sinful, falling, shuffling, disobedient, rebellious, grudgingly obedient, sullen me.  It is an engraving of how HE created me to be….the finished product HE envisioned when HE first thought of me.  The engraving is a picture created in love, covered in grace and hope, lavished with mercy and lovingkindness.

HE sees me as I will never be in this lifetime and HE loves me as if I have ALREADY BECOME the wondrous creature displayed on HIS palm.

HE calls to me….beloved, my darling, precious, lover, friend, baby girl.

HE woos me with songs, and dreams, and visions, and caresses, and words of unfailing love and devotion.

HE opens HIS heart to me and allows me glimpses into HIS personality, HIS desires, HIS pleasures.

HE trusts me to be HIS and HIS alone.

HE gives me insights and trusts me to share those with HIS other children, knowing I will make every attempt to convey the message of HIS love as I have received it.

HE forgives me for not trusting HIM with the same fervency and faithfulness.

So many times in the past I have said ‘I love the Lord’.  This morning I received a glimpse of the depth of HIS love for ME, and that glimpse has created within me an urgent desire to love HIM as HE deserves to be loved, as HE longs to be loved, as HE has asked to be loved.

My prayer for you is that you will come to understand the depth of HIS love for you and find a way to return it to HIM.

Isaiah 49:16   See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands ……


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