Greetings and salutations, beloved of the Lord!

It’s been a while — QUITE a while, but I’m back!  Praise Jesus!

I’m sure you all know that it is impossible to be in ministry for the Lord and not encounter spiritual attacks.  Some are relatively minor, some are not so minor, and others, like the one I encountered, set me back on my keester for a couple of years — okay, more than a couple.  But GOD!  God is so faithful, He saw me through the entire thing, and I have emerged victorious on the other side of the battle.  What a mighty, loving, gracious Father we have.

I certainly won’t tell you it has been an easy road.  It has not.  I spent many, many months in the depths of the pit, only to emerge into a snare.  And just recently He pulled me out of the miry clay and I am once again standing on solid ground.  I am stronger spiritually, wiser, gentler, and shining like gold.  At least, that’s how I feel.

If I could leave you with one thought today, it would be this:  Jesus loves us just the way we are, and he loves us too much to leave us this way.  When you ask Jesus to change you to be more like him, be prepared!  He will do it — HIS WAY!

Here’s praying I get back on track with daily posts!  Happy Thursday!


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