My Dove

I’ve had some truly amazing experiences, but the one that leaps to the forefront of my memory involves and beautiful white dove.

There was a period of about 6 years when my grandkids were small that I would spend Friday nights up at the church, providing worship music non-stop so that others could connect with the Lord, and just worshipping and enjoying the Lord’s presence.  One Friday evening I was driving on the highway headed to church and traffic was extremely heavy.  Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a beautiful white dove came alongside my front right quarter panel.  I was traveling between 55-60 miles an hour, keeping up with traffic, and that white dove traveled right along beside me, staying on my quarter panel.  When I finally reached the turn-off to head to the church, the dove turned off with me!  And then, as there was little to no traffic on this little side road, it flew away.  

That beautiful dove has an average sustained flying speed of 45 mph.  Yet, this one stayed with me at 60 mph for almost five miles.

I know I can over-spiritualize things sometimes, and I probably will again. Yet I am certain the Holy Spirit was watching over me and accompanying me safely to my destination.  And it was an incredible night of worship!

I think when you look for God to show up in your daily life, you begin to see just how often He tries to make Himself known to you, and you begin to rest in a peace that passes all understanding as you realize He is right with you all of the time. I’ve had instances where the Holy Spirit gripped the steering wheel and literally got me out of danger, and times when people would fall back when I approached them. I’ve even been in the midst of huge crowds and watched as they parted for me, much in the same way the Red Sea parted for the Israelites! These things are all the work of the Holy Spirit of God and I am just a vessel — a living stone in His temple. What a mighty God we serve!

Psalm 25:14
The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him,
And He will show them His covenant.


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