In the Midst of the Storm

What a glorious day! Bright sun, brisk wind, nippy temperatures. It feels like one of the last days of winter with spring trying to break through. It’s a little early for that yet, but this little foretaste is a welcome gift.

It’s one of the many gifts I have noticed this week. I and many of my acquaintances are battling a bug that is running rampant through the community. It feels like an old-fashioned head cold. You know the kind – a week coming, a week staying and a week to depart. Three weeks of ‘ugh’. And yet in the midst of this latest attack I have seen so many little gifts.

The first one I noticed was the gift of being able to just stay in bed: no one clamoring for help or needing me to do anything for them. What a beautiful gift to be able to just stay in bed and rest and take care of myself without having to worry about what everyone else needed. Someone else was taking care of that.

The second gift I noticed was the joy of 24-hour non-stop Christian sermons, classic movies and television shows. While I was so fatigued from the sickness and exhausted from not being able to sleep due to coughing fits, I was blessed by being able to pick up the remote and find something to take my mind off of how bad I felt.

The third gift I noticed was friends and family who checked on me but didn’t smother me. Friends and family who offered food, medicine, transportation, or anything else I might need or desire. Thank you God for those who serve as your hands and feet.

The fourth gift I noticed, and by far the best gift, is the peace of God which passes all understanding. Even in the midst of feeling miserable He is here. His peace and comfort surround me like a soft warm blanket on a chilly evening. I snuggle down into Him and await complete healing. In the meantime, I am content in these circumstances.

There are other gifts that I am aware of – a warm house, hot water on demand, a well-stocked pantry, books to read, and Christian resources to study on-line and in my library. Warm bread, pizza delivery, juice and soft tissues which don’t make my nose raw.

I am awed by the sweetness of the Father. He provides, protects, defends and vindicates. He is ever present and loving, constantly guiding and always cherishing. I am so grateful for this past week of downtime. Yes, grateful for the sickness that allowed me to stop and notice how very blessed I am. Thank you Father, for loving me.

I pray you feel the love of the Father today. I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.


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