Rak Chazak!

I’m so excited! Two more days. Two more days. JUST two more days! Actually, my fast ends at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow but for all intents and purposes it’s two more days until I get to eat. I’ve never ended a fast like this before – this excited, I mean. Usually it’s just another day but for whatever reason I’m really UP! I am full of excitement and anticipation about what is happening in the spiritual realm because of the fast AND I am SOOOO looking forward to some frozen chocolate custard (my menu item for lunch on Thursday J )

There is a down side to the fasting business – at least there is for me. Fasting seems to open spiritual eyes and give us clues and sometimes complete pictures of what the Lord is doing and planning in our lives or around the globe. That part is fun. It is really neat to see what God is doing and to be privy to what the outward signs mean. The hard part is that I have not been gifted with an ability to communicate those signs and portents in a way that others can understand and implement in their own lives. Instead, I end up offending someone or making them so confused they want to leave it all alone.

For instance, I’d like to be able to explain the spiritual benefit of fasting as it relates to warfare and spiritual victory. Unfortunately, while it makes perfect sense in my mind I cannot put it into words that make sense. It is like a many-layered cake which has to be delayered to be understood but I can’t seem to get the layers laid out in the proper sequence to convey the message I want to convey.

Or, there’s the spiritual weapon of walking. Yes, walking. I’ve tried to explain the significance and the power of Holy Spirit-filled believers walking around schools, government buildings, communities, etc. etc. but each time I end up with a message that just lays there and kind of fizzles a little bit.

Nope. Teaching about spiritual warfare isn’t my strong suit. Warring in spiritual warfare – that’s where I shine! I can fast for months on end. I can walk for hours making huge circles around communities and I have. I can worship and dance for hours. I can praise. I can pray. I can decree and declare. I can bind and loose. I can rebuke. I can do all of these things and I see great victories when I do.

Today I have a new weapon in my arsenal – RAK CHAZAK! The Hebrew battle cry has become my battle cry as I head into enemy territory and take back what rightfully belongs to God. RAK CHAZAK!

Won’t you join me? Let’s take back that stolen ground and let God turn around what the enemy meant for evil.



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