What apocalypse?

I’m sitting on my back deck, basking in the idyllic weather and listening to the chirping of the crickets and other sundry insects. I’ve noticed that this year we have grasshoppers – lots of them. Grasshoppers are not something I normally see around here so when they began their invasion of my gardens I took notice of them – and in taking notice of them I immediately thought of the plagues that struck Egypt. It seems my thoughts turn often to end-times prophesies. I’ve listened to so much on the television and radio ministries that are focused on the end-times and how we are living in the last days that I really am sick of it. Honestly – what is it “they” want us to do? Believers already know it is the last days and unbelievers need to hear the message of the gospel. In fact, my grandson – who is a born-again believer – is starting to get anxious that he won’t grow up and marry and have kids because Jesus is coming back before he can get there!

I know it isn’t the intent of these ministries to scare kids – or anyone else, for that matter. I’m certain the people broadcasting these messages are simply trying to get the gospel message across and want everyone to accept Jesus before it is too late. I wonder if they are even aware of the fear they are spreading and instilling in young believers. It’s easy when you are a mature believer in Christ to take His return in stride. It doesn’t scare you and in fact, you look forward to it with great glee. It isn’t so easy when you’ve only been a believer for a couple of years and you have your whole life ahead of you – or so you thought.

Certainly these are perilous times, but then so were the days of Moses, and Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln, and Churchill, Kennedy and Nixon! The world seems to be in utter chaos these days – but I can remember the time of the Vietnam War and I remember the chaos we were in then. I remember movies I was forbidden to see and the terror in our hearts during the riots of the 1960’s. Wars and rumors of wars. Civil unrest. Plagues. Pestilence. Disease. Earthquakes. It’s all here – and it’s been here for centuries. I’m not holding my breath until Christ returns.

Instead I think I will play jacks, picnic, worship, testify, ride my bike, hike, travel, swim, and play with my grandkids. I can’t prove it, of course, but I believe that is what my Lord would have me to do. We are to live abundant lives, not lives filled with fear and remorse. Knowing that doesn’t make it easy to do – how well I know!! Nevertheless, I am committed to enjoying each day – rain or shine, blue skies or grey – and to sharing the love of Jesus with every person I can. Yes, He’s coming back. No, I don’t know when. And that’s okay. If I knew, I’d probably do something to mess the whole thing up!

Praying you’re basking in the sunshine!


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