Beautiful Niagara!

You know, God is GOOD! I remember thinking many years ago that I wanted to retire “young” and then travel. Lo’ and behold, I have done just that (thank you, Lord!) I have been many places and there are so many more on my list! This year, I have managed to take a ‘short’ trip each month, to places within one day’s driving distance. (For me, that means 18 hours or less J )

This week I decided to go back and revisit a place that I have always loved and haven’t been to in about fifteen years. So, bag packed, reservations made, car filled, I headed off to Niagara Falls. Perfect timing, too! The temperatures at home climbed into the triple digits as I basked in seventy and eighty degree weather in beautiful Canada.

Canadians are friendly, courteous, and very helpful. I enjoyed my time away and took just as much pleasure in crossing the border back into the USA. There really is nothing like hearing the border guard say “Welcome Home!”   J   J   J

The falls were beautiful, as always. But they were also different. This was my third trip to the falls and I don’t think I will be going back. Over the years, the U.S. has, on multiple occasions, diverted much of the water that goes over the falls to other uses, limiting erosion, so I’m told, and creating power. The U.S. does not put that water back. The gallon-flow over the falls continues to decrease and what was once a majestic sight is a little less so.

This time, I could see the rock ledge over which the water drops quite clearly. That was not the case on my last visit. What the picture can’t convey is the sound, which has also diminished. What was once a deafening roar of water when standing above the falls, is no longer so. Oh, it is still noisy, but nothing to compare with trying to hear your companions because of the noise. It is still a beautiful sight, to be sure, but it isn’t how God made it. Man has intervened. Gone is the majesty and in its place are pretty falls and unattractive touristy things – like zip-lines and casinos and stores, music and restaurants.


I confess I was saddened by it all. In fact, I brooded about it for quite a while that first evening. And then, as if a light bulb flicked on in my mind, the thought came to me: “Man is always trying to improve on what God has done. And never succeeds.” Along with that thought came a sense that I should apply that to my own life. God has created each of us a unique creatures endowed with unique gifts to reach people that only we can reach.

The person who bemoans being too short or too tall or too skinny or too fat or too bald or too dark or too light or tooo, toooo, tooooo anything is forgetting about the One who made them. The tall person is that height so that at the appointed time and place they will be looking eye-to-eye with their divine appointment. Skinny people cannot understand and therefore will never be in true intimate fellowship with a fat person, and vice-versa. Old people need other old people. Young people need other young people. And on, and on, and on.

So what did I take away from all of this? Just this: I will no longer look in the mirror and catalogue my faults or things I would like to see changed. God made me just right for what He wants to do, and that’s okay with me!


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Niagara!

  1. Jeanne C.

    It looks a lot better form the Canadian side. I hope you were able to see Niagara on the Lake it’s a beautiful little town too. So glad you could get away and enjoy cooler weather ❤



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