Give Me A Break!

What a gorgeous day! Absolutely perfect weather – which we NEVER see this time of year. I should be out walking or riding a bike or swimming or SOMETHING other than what I am doing!

And what is that, you may ask? I am engaged in warfare!

I have a mouse in my house! At least I think it is just one. I saw it come in when it crawled out of a box that was carried in from the garage after having sat out there for three days longer than it should have. (Can someone PLEASE explain to me why some people never do what you ask WHEN you ask? But I digress….)

I saw the little brown mouse head for the kitchen and lost him around the bend. Over the next several months I have put out ‘humane’ traps, old-fashioned mouse traps, mouse bait, RAT bait, glue boards, glue boxes, mouse tunnels, and on, and on, and on. After a while I gave up. I hadn’t caught anything and no one else in the house seemed to care or notice the occasional dropping. I finally convinced myself it had crawled off and died somewhere.

The most amazing thing through this struggle is that no one believes me. My family laughs at me and does absolutely NOTHING to assist in my battle to free my home from detestable inhabitants (the mouse!)

I haven’t tried a cat because, of course, I’m allergic as is everyone else in the house. But that would be the best solution.

As I said, I sort of quit trying. I left a couple of traps lying around but I’ve never caught anything. And then BOOM! I awoke this morning to a mouse dropping in my BED! IN MY BED!!! This means WAR!!

This afternoon I am making up glue traps and boxes, baiting with peanut butter and putting them everywhere. I’ve even cut some down and made a three foot long glue board to go in front of my closet door – nothing goes in, nothing comes out!!!!

My most frustrating moment was when the three-foot-long glue board got stuck to the BOTTOM of the closet door! You know, those things are REALLY STICKY!! I pushed, I pulled, I swore (forgive me, Lord) and I tore. Eventually, I pulled it loose, repaired what I could and taped it to the floor.

Now I know this sounds silly to most people, but I can’t stand mice. They are dirty, disease carrying rodents who belong OUTSIDE, not in my home! And I swear, if I don’t catch the little monster this week, I’m bringing in the big guns – EXTERMINATORS!!!


1 thought on “Give Me A Break!

  1. Jeanne C.

    I wouldn’t like it more than you do. If you have a dog and have i.e. dog food in the garage that food is the antidote to mouse poison. That’s all I remember in my struggles in the past. Blessings on you with your adventure…



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